After submerging myself in a bath full of restoratives for 1 hour, I dressed and made my way to Covert Garden to eyeball Matalan A/W collections. www.matalan.co.uk

On hand was Ian Silcock Head of Buying, who passed me over to Andrew Phillips-Baynes Head of Menswear design. Andrew told me "a key story that continues across all the ranges is the layered look". " Indigo in Denim is still a very strong and it spans from gilets, jackets, shirts to ripped slim jeans at £25 that come in various shades, with soft handle" he continued. Finally he sailed me through the Birch Herringbone blazer £59, Jefferson Donegal suit £89, burgundy velvet jacket, and the bread & butter staple diet of hoodies in grey, navy and black.

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‘Never Enough’ is the album opening track that is the musical ‘all guns blazing’. It merges thundering Moroder-esque basslines with layers of Robin Simon’s effected guitars. Real drums with copious amounts of fills and Giorgio Moroder style “Haas” effect snare power the track along. The highlight however is the main keyboard riff which features boldly in the intro and chorus. The lyrics reflect a stormy and failing relationship and set the tone for a more personal approach to the song-writing on this latest Visage album.

01. Never Enough (John Bryan Widescreen Version)
02. Never Enough (Marc Mitchell Remix)
03. Never Enough (Bottin Edit)
04. Never Enough (Lasertom Version)
05. Never Enough
06. The Anvil (Live in Hoxton)
07. Never Enough (John Bryan Orchapella)


Visage are back with a brand new album titled "Hearts And Knives". The album is due for release in May 2013 and here is the tracklisting....

01 Never Enough
02 Shameless Fashion
03 She's Electric (Coming Around)
04 Hidden Sign
05 On We Go
06 Dreamer I Know
07 Lost In Static
08 I Am Watching
09 Diaries Of A Madman
10 Breathe Life


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