Rusty Egan, Bottin & Justus Köhncke - Atzaro


A) Ibiza Mix
B) Berlin Mix

Written by
Rusty Egan
Justus Köhncke and
William Bottin
Ibiza Version: Produced by Egan, Köhncke and Bottin, Engineered by Paul Powell.
Berlin Version: Extra production and remix By Dirk Leyers and Justus Köhncke.
Published by Dharma Songs, Warner Chappell and Copyright Control

Next up on Blitz is our first brand new recording. It was recorded in Summer 2010 near Atzaro, Ibiza. Visage and Blitz club music supremo Rusty was staying there over the summer and was making fine use of the inbuilt studio tagged onto his villa. Sounds like some fine inspiration for a summer electro anthem… cue two of the hottest dance producers around; Germanys Justus Köhncke and Italys Bottin. The Triumvirate was now complete.

Atzaro is track that fuses the sounds, styles, energy and raw spirit of the three composers firmly into its DNA. The driving English electronic 80's sound from Rusty. The free-flowing Moroder grooves and expansive creativity from Justus. The determined musicality and Italian sheen from Bottin. It's a piñata full of sounds just waiting to escape.

For the flip side the parts travel back to Germany with Justus who turns in the more angular 'Berlin' version. Ably assisted by studio partner Dirk Leyers the pair increase the techno quotient and strip back the layers to expose the raw 2am groove.

Stay tuned for more Atzaro remixes in 2011.

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